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How long does it take to arrange insurance cover for a vessel?

Brokmar can provide immediate cover for a vessel, and the owner will receive the policy itself or a certificate within moments of completing the arrangement process.

Can a vessel sail without compulsory insurance?

All motor vessels must be insured, so sailing without compulsory insurance may incur a fine. Marinas tend to require it before allowing a vessel to moor within its facilities. If there is an accident and the vessel is not insured, besides any fine that may be incurred, the owner and skipper are liable for any damage caused, with the vessel itself being held as collateral.

Who can use the vessel?

The vessel may be skippered by anyone duly qualified to do so.

Where can I sail with my vessel?

The most common areas of geographical coverage are as follows: European waters, the Mediterranean Sea and outside it up to 200 miles off the Spanish and Portuguese coasts, including the crossing between the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands.

Nevertheless, this scope will be restricted by any clauses contained in the master’s certificate and to the vessel’s clearance category.

Application is always to be made of the laws and regulations of the country under whose flag the vessel sails.

Is it obligatory to carry the insurance onboard?

It is advisable to have the vessel’s actual policy, but the maritime authorities will ask to see the receipt of payment, so this is the document that is actually required to avoid being fined.

The vessel sails under a foreign flag. Can it still be insured?

Yes, of course.

The vessel hasn’t received its registration number yet. Can it still be insured?

Yes, of course. All we need in this case is the Hull Identification Number (HIN).

In a few days’ time, when the owner has the definitive registration, simply notify us so that we can record it by issuing a supplement at no cost whatsoever.

The vessel is only used in summer. Can insurance be arranged for just three months?

All the policies are annual insurance contracts, and the premiums already take into account that, on average, private pleasure craft are not used for more than 30 days.

Why is it important to pay the premium by direct debit?

Policies are arranged on an annual basis and contain an automatic renewal clause. Payment by direct debit facilitates the renewal process itself and the payment of successive annual premiums.

Up to what age can a vessel be covered by fully comprehensive insurance?

Twenty years, but when a vessel’s hull is older than this, we can study each case individually. It is sometimes simply enough to submit the following:

·       Copy of the FULLY COMPREHENSIVE policy and the latest valid receipt.

·       Copy of the Certificate of Seaworthiness and, in the Spanish case, the vessel’s technical inspection (ITB in Spanish), which is an inspection conducted by a classification society (in the case of foreign flags, the equivalent document).

·       Recent photos of the vessel.

In other cases in which the vessel has a significant value, a survey or status and valuation report is to be commissioned for it.

How can I receive assistance at sea?

The company does not provide emergency phone numbers (like car insurance), so the owner needs to contact the coastguard (Salvamento Marítimo) or any other tug service by any means at its disposal to be towed into the nearest port and secure the vessel.

The policyholder is to pay for the tow, and the company will reimburse the amount paid. Brokmar will deal with the entire procedure.

The vessel takes part in regattas. Is this covered by the insurance?

The insurance DOES NOT cover this activity. When taking part in regattas, races, competitions, or other sports activities, the policy’s schedule is to include supplementary cover, with the corresponding premium surcharge to cover the added risk this involves.

What exactly does the extension for War and Industrial Action cover, and why is it important?

Loss to vessels is not covered by the insurance pool, and so, for example, to insure a vessel against a terrorist attack, such as the explosion of a bomb, this additional coverage has to be arranged.

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